Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The longest appt ever.........

Okay here it is he reviewed all my previous results and says everything looks good except for my Progestrone was 8 and he would like it a 10 and Jimmys motality was low. So he thinks I would benefit from Clomid starting on day 3- 7 then on day 12 coming in for an ultrasound to see if my ovaries have produced any follicles. On that day he will decide when to do IUI(which is where they inject Jimmy's sperm in my utertus. We would benefit from that for two reason 1) I have a severly tilted utertus to the point he could not see my ovaries today and 2) because well Jimmy's swimmers can survive to get where they need to be. Also on day 3 I have to go in and have a fsh and estradiol level drawn. This is the plan so far I will keep you posted as this journey begins.

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